About Me - Nancy Wright

All About Me

           In 2008, Nancy Wright started her “second” career, as a professional photographer, when her picture of a group of elephants was used on the cover of a Wildlife Conservation Society brochure. Three years later, Nancy’s picture of a Papua New Guinea tribesman placed in the top five out of over 5,100 photographs entered in the Picture Our World Photo Contest sponsored by the San Jose Mercury News.

           Nancy’s avid interest in photography was a natural outgrowth of her lifelong passion for traveling. Fortunately, Nancy’s husband, Eric Wright, shares her love of travelling. Until Nancy retired in July of 2014, the Wrights also shared “first careers” as professors at Santa Clara University School of Law, which enabled them to take lengthy trips during their summer vacations. In fact, over the past thirty years, Nancy and Eric have journeyed to over seventy countries, on every continent except Antarctica. Nancy’s photographs enable her to capture, in permanent form, all of the experiences that make their trips memorable – the diverse cultures, the exotic animals, the incredible people, the breathtaking scenery and the unforgettable adventures.

           Nancy especially enjoys taking photographs of the irresistible children she and Eric have encountered in the countries they have visited. Sometimes as they traveled, Nancy would become a female Pied Piper, followed by an ever increasing group of children fascinated by their images in her digital camera. Nancy’s pictures of her “children of the world” will charm you, amuse you and occasionally break your heart. Nancy’s photographs evince the empathy she feels towards disadvantaged children, stemming from her job as a Juvenile Probation Officer immediately after she graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. Her concern for the plight of children, both in this country and abroad, also carried over to her work at Santa Clara, where she taught a course in Children and the Law, and to her service on the Board of Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY), a non-profit organization which has had amazing success in helping at risk youth lead productive lives.

           Nancy also loves to photograph baby animals and has created a special gallery, called “Nanimals”, to showcase these pictures. She has sold some of these photographs as unique decorations for children’s’ rooms. Her pictures of baby animals and their mothers have also proved to be popular gifts for expectant mothers and their babies. In addition to travelling and photography,

           Nancy loves almost all water sports and enjoys acting, singing and playing the guitar. The Wrights live in northern California and have five daughters and five grandchildren.